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  • Flaxfibers are lightweight and flax is a renewable resource that is fast growing in Belgium, Flanders.
  • Few, if any, fertilizers or pesticides are used in the cultivation of flax. In fact, often flax comes close to the organic standard without trying. 
  • Flax cultivation does not require irrigation and in many cases is fed by natural rainfall alone.
  • Our 7,5 m boat retains 1 million gram of CO₂.

  • Flax fibres are lighter than their carbon fibre equivalent, offer better vibration damping than carbon fibre, as well as representing a significantly lower carbon fibre footprint.

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  • The basalt fibers are extruded from 100% volcanic rock. Their natural mineral composition gives them unique properties.

  • They are ecological, contain no chemicals like glass or carbon fibers, have a better LCA profile, and a lower carbon footprint, are recyclable and are made from sustainable basalt mines.

  • It offers excellent strength and stiffness properties that are better than those of glass fabrics, combined with unique impact and vibration damping.

  • The basalt fibers are 10-20% stronger and stiffer than glass fibers.

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