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Ocean 8 project


The Ocean 8 peoject was designed and built for a sustainable future. Circular, recyclable and an ecological pleasure boat built with 100% natural fibers.


Strong, durable, a high performance innovative bio-fibre-composite, largely used in racing cars, makes it the most modern power boat to date.


A powerful motor delivers an

exhilarating experience whereas an electric engine eliminates pollution and noise, leaving nothing behind except a wake.

The ecologic generation


Flax fabrics provide unique  properties like, sound insulator, high vibration damping, non-catastrophic crash behaviour, specific bending stiffness and fatigue resistance.


An approach focused on "variants", 100 million years tested by nature. The boat is basically an artificial leaf structure.


Basalt fabrics offer excellent properties that outperforms glass fabrics like strength, stiffness, impact and vibration damping.

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